Coaching for Individuals and Couples

“A pity that one always keeps one’s mouth shut about the most intimate things.” — Sigmund Freud

Have you experienced loss of desire? Do you feel disconnected from your partner or frustrated romantically? Are you wondering how you can refresh your sex life? Are you interested in improving your dating skills or in strengthening your relationship? Coaching can help you gain confidence and understand your needs. You deserve a great relationship.

Do you have unfulfilled fantasies? Do you have a sexual imagination you’re worried to share with your partner? Can men be submissive and still be masculine? Can women be dominant and still be feminine? Is it wrong to explore fantasy and sexuality? Coaching can help you understand yourself, and better communicate with your partner.It can be a challenge to seek help with intimate issues, but I invite you to take the leap and reach out.


Would you like to understand each other’s needs and desires and communicate more effectively? Do you have mismatched sex drives, or are in a sexless marriage? Are you wondering whether you are sexually compatible enough to start a long-term relationship or marriage? In my coaching sessions I can help you learn how to be a better communicator, value each other’s fantasies and desires, and rekindle your sex life.


From dating advice to style make-over to helping you find a relationship that suits you at any given time in your life, I’m there for you. I believe that all kinds of relationships are important for our overall well-being; professional, family, romantic and friendships. Let’s work on them together to reach harmony and a fulfilling social life.


Although I specialize in sexuality, I’m a strong believer in a holistic approach to well-being. Sex, Love, Career, Social Life, Spirituality and Nutrition. All these aspects of our lives are intertwined. I’m passionate about Life, Relationships, Wellness and Health Coaching.


Do you feel stuck in one place and unable to reach your goals in pursuing your career, education and dreams? I’m happy to work with you, and help you find solutions and create options. I will be encouraging you to proceed towards your goals and if needed I can be available around the clock.


Health can affect every aspect of your life and taking care of your body is of the utmost importance. When we are sick or not feeling well, the other parts of our life will most likely struggle too. My background includes Psychology and Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, in addition to training as a Health Coach at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN- studying currently). Let’s discuss your health and wellness in my coaching session and the possibilities of both, traditional and alternative approaches in medicine and diet. I will help you to develop an appropriate health plan, and support you along the way.


You will hear back from us in the next 48 hours. Please don’t send any discreet details in your message, let’s keep these for our private coaching session! I’m looking forward to hear from you!