Dashboard report

The dashboard report gives you a full overview of each area of your event in a single, easy to understand page.

Booth-by-booth report

Understand the traffic and behaviour of people at each booth. Gain complete visibility into every square foot of your venue.

Booth detail report

Included in the booth-by-booth report is a full view of all quantitative and qualitative data of every visitor. Provide your clients with complete insight into the value your event offers them.

Traffic Flow report

Understand the traffic patterns of your attendees across your entire venue. Easily answer questions around congestion, where people are moving to and from, how many entrances you need for certain areas and more.

Heatmap report

See where your attendees are in real-time. Filter down by specific demographic data so you can position your exhibitors and sponsors in locations where their target clientele spend the most time.

Leads Report

Provide your exhibitors with a full list of each individual that visited their booth, how much time they spent and what their interests are. Sell these reports to sponsors and exhibitors to help your event gain additional revenue.